Twelve Struggling Students Become Reading All-Stars

Scholastic have a reading system that helps children with English as an additional learn quicker. Below are soem quotes from the children.

ah Azad Age: 13 – Grade: 6 – South End Middle School,Springfield, MA

Originally from Pakistan, Abdullah arrived in the US fluent in four different languages, none of them English. He struggled with English and adapting to American culture after moving here. A quiet, disengaged and distracted student, he scored at a Lexile level of zero on his first reading test. It was in the READ 180 “Stolen Childhoods” workshop, which chronicles the plight of child laborers, that things turned around and Abdullah began to share his story with other students. With a renewed attitude, his reading scores began to rise quickly – from kindergarten to a second grade level. “Now when I do assignments in System 44, it seems easier and I don’t mind answering a question if I am wrong,” Abdullah wrote. “Ever since I’ve been in System 44, English is getting easier and the questions are getting easier.”

Gustavo was a shy kid when he arrived at Elaine Wynn Elementary in April 2011. A child who grew up in a family that spoke only Spanish, his struggles with language zapped his confidence and made learning extremely difficult. For many other children who face daunting language barriers, this would have been too much to overcome. Many students like this become dropouts. He struggled so much that his parents thought he might have a speech problem. But through hard work in READ 180, Gustavo has undergone a rapid transformation and now reads on grade level. “I’m finally noticing improvement in my grades,” he said.

Should we pay tutors to teach immigrants their own language?

Has anyone seen this in the Sunday Express today?

It talks about councils spending money on encouraging the young people to learn their parents language. Tower Hamlets Council spokesman viewpoint is that: “We teach community languages for two reasons: proficiency in a mother tongue aids with proficiency in a second language. “And secondly, pride and knowledge in your own background aids in promoting community cohesion.”

What do you think?