Leaders 4 – Managing Resources

Of all the things recently discussed this is the one thing on a daily basis that can become a nightmare particularly as a new manager you are usually left with the previous owners resources which may not suit you and a budget which initially will be non-existent or meagre.

Here are things to help you sort out in your own mind what and how to achieve the best for you, your team and learners.

  1. How will you establish staff and resource needs for the subject and how should requests of this be transmitted/reported/asked/sent to Senior leaders and/ or Headteacher? and by when?
  2. How will you or what is the process to let the Headteacher know about the deployment of your staff within your team and job roles?
  3. How will you ensure the effective and efficient management of resources including technology?
  4. How will you explore and assess the role of new use of resources in your department?
  5. How will you ensure you effectively use the rooms/accommodation that you are in?
  6. How will you ensure at all times that there is a safe working and learning environment?

I hope that some of these things have been useful and if you have any good practice to share please do so on the comments page.