Of Mice and Men – Characters

Of Mice and Men

by John Steinbeck


The Characters

George Milton          A travelling farmworker, friend and, protector of Lennie. He is small, but intelligent and quick-witted.

Lennie Small            A huge child-like man who travels. with George. He is incapable of looking after himself, is extremely strong, and is fascinated by soft things.

Candy                        An elderly man who has lost one hand in an accident on the ranch. He looks after the bunkhouse.

The Boss      A small stocky man who owns the ranch. He can be short tempered, but is considered a good boss.

Curley            The Boss’s son. A small, angry man, who is always ready to pick a fight. He has been a boxer. He has been married a fortnight to

Curlev’s Wife           A pretty, lonely girl who dreams of being a film star. We never learn her name.

Slim    A tall, thoughtful Man who drives the mules and horses. An expert worker, and the man whom everyone looks up to.

Carlson         A worker on the ranch. He is powerfully built, and a bully, with little understanding of people’s feelings. He owns a Luger pistol.

Crooks          Looks after the horses (is the ‘stable buck’). He is the only black worker on the ranch, a proud and lonely man who has to live apart from the other men. His back is twisted after a kick from a horse.

Whit    A young ranch worker.