Are colleges getting too big and forgetting their learners?

As I drove past one of our local secondary schools today I could see that the hoarding had been taken down leaving what looked like a huge community rather than a school. I started thinking that in a week or so children aged 11 will be moving from their previous welcoming primary school  to this huge building that feels harsh, scary and over powering.

I began questioning in my mind whether some schools (many now called colleges) are too much about business and profit and if they have forgotten that main priority should be learning and their pupils. Apart from selling these students how lovely to have a new building etc, do they actually think how these young people feel.

What does everyone else think?


Why it is important to allow our children to learn a language for the world of work and their community.

For many Teachers especially those who are not specific language teachers they often do not see the benefit of our children learning languages, and or being bilingual, pluralingual etc. Below is an article which shows in the real world that they will inhabit i.e. the world of work where their dual langauge or langauge ability will make it possible for them to do what they enjoy and also help the local economy and community. Connects Bilingual Insurance Agents With Hispanic Consumers

Espanol Seguros Has the Opportunity to Not Only Serve the US Hispanic Population, but Serve Other Spanish Speaking Countries in the International Community

WAKEFIELD, MA, Jun 05, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Espanol Seguros has announced that its portfolio of more than seventy Hispanic targeted domains across multiple verticals is reaching Hispanic consumers and allowing them to connect with bilingual insurance agents across the United States.

With multiple wage earners and an average household size of 4 people or more, along with increasing adoption rates, US Hispanics continue to be an attractive and profitable market segment for insurance companies, particularly auto insurance. As Andrew Laine, Founder of Spanish Insurance, LLC, explained during an interview with LatinVision on February 27, 2012, “There is nothing new about the lead generation industry, nor about creating educational content sites. What is innovative is our approach and our focus on the Hispanic community. Our goal is to serve the Hispanic consumers in a comfortable environment and to give insurance providers a way to reach our growing population.”

According to Hispanic Market Advisors, a recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center’s 2010 National Survey of Latinos, sixty-five percent of Latinos went online in 2012 and seventy-nine percent of those Hispanic Internet users use the Internet to research products before purchasing them and companies before doing business with them. By providing Hispanic consumers with an educational platform in Spanish and English, Espanol Seguros is positioning itself as a single stop website for Latinos aimed at connecting the Hispanic consumer to a national network of bilingual insurance agents ready to walk them through the insurance process. As Andrew Laine affirms, “There will always be one section of the Hispanic population that is growing faster than another, but all groups need insurance.”

If you’re a US Hispanic or Latino, have the preference to talk to an insurance agent who can speak your language, visit and get free quotes from insurance companies to start saving money on your insurance policies. If you’re an insurance agent looking to expand your customer base among Hispanics and boost your sales, contact Spanish Insurance to receive advertising opportunities.