Year 8 lesson Plan example for lesson 2 – Creative writing – The Granny project

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Group Year 8 Class T                                                 Date ____21 May ________



Unit Of Work.  20 Century Drama
Teaching Aim. 


To continue to understand the play The Granny ProjectObjectives for board:

To write for a specified audience


Learning Outcomes.  (Differentiate learning outcomes  into All pupils will, Most pupils will and Some pupils will). 

All pupils will complete a task

Most pupils will present imaginative work for display

Some pupils will develop ideas

Lesson Content. 



Main Activity(ies)






Brain bloom words appropriate for an elderly audience    10 mins 



Re-read part of the Granny Project

Choose an audience and re-write the play for the specified audience eg, for the elderly, choice of words, longer, flowery old fashioned, bosh to wash in, Frock dress                             35 mins





 Use of dictionaries, thesaurus, working in pairs



Extension Work.



Edit their work, extending sentences using connectives






 Share ideas with class                                                      15 mins
  The text Paper Exercise books
LSA (How do LSA’s contribute to the learning process). Not present
Assessment (What strategies are you using to assess learning). Competition 
Key words  Presentation Content Audience
Basic Skills.Literacy, numeracy ICT. R 6 W11
 Date Due Sam Learning (or other ICT resource/platform that creates homework) Homework – Writing 

Friday 28th of May