UCR trains teachers for bilingual classes

Here is an interesting story about the neeed for qualified teachers in bilingual schools and the innovative way that online work is used to help support the adults whilst learning. I think that we shall see more use of online lessons as the austerity measures bite and adult learners need to work their way through their teaching qualifications.

The hybrid class includes class meetings and online work, so it fits in the schedule of teachers such as Pablo Ramirez, a Rubidoux High School math teacher.


Ramirez said he hopes to teach in a dual immersion classroom once Jurupa expands its program beyond elementary schools.


Jurupa started its first dual immersion class five years ago at Sunnyslope Elementary and another last year at Stone Avenue Elementary, said Martha Gomez, director of language services for the district.


The first class of dual immersion students at those schools will start fifth grade and first grade, respectively, next month. The schools plan to add another grade to the program each year until dual immersion goes through middle school and high school, she said.