Bilingual School application for Spalding 2014 – UK

Another bilingual school for the UK hopefully, perhaps they can get support from the Brighton one.

The Phoenix Federation today announced that they are submitting an application to the Department for Education to open a Primary Bilingual Free School in September 2014.  This follows a successful application to the DfE to open a primary school in Boston in September 2013.

Denzil Shepheard, Chair of the Steering Group and also Phoenix Chair of Governors said:  “We know that there is a shortage of primary school places in the Spalding area.  However, we don’t want to open just another primary school, we will use the freedoms afforded by the Free School Movement to innovate.

“Parents will be able to choose a bilingual education for their children, Spanish and English, and in doing so give their children this gift to carry into their future lives, especially employment opportunities.”

The aim is that children starting at the school in the infants will be speaking Spanish fluently by the time they leave at age 11.  The Phoenix Federation have researched this type of education in-depth and found that the results are astounding.

Carol Clare, Principal of the federation commented:   “Speaking more than one language really helps with acquisition of knowledge generally, with research indicating that bilingual children out perform their non-bilingual peers in many other areas of the curriculum.”