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Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going

Rita Mae Brown

Two cultures have crossed inside me. I can write music which can be equally understood by Africans and Ukrainians

Gaitana Ukrainian Eurovision contestant 2012

Videos – Celebration Books – Publishing – Look at a tortoise – Maypole dancing Kingsteignton 2013 – beware when taking duck weed out of the pond – LIP Education Show Primary Language awards – Sharing good practice via Primary language awards – NEWT see it walking – Slug coming out of pond – huge froglet – frog camoflage -mouse -teignmouth devasted by storms 2014


A practical guide to supporting EAL and SEN learners978-0-9572800-1-4, Liz Foxwell and Dr Rona Tutt  – Publisher LS Books

Exam Success English/Chinese Mandarin – 978-1-908937-01-8  Publisher EMASUK

Other languages available German, Gujerati,  Hungarian, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovak, Somali, Polish, Turkish

Sustainable Development – Activities to build awareness and Understanding, 978-190704907-1, Publisher ECO Publishing International

World Energy Issues – Activities to build awareness and Understanding, 978-190704902-6, Publisher ECO Publishing International

Kingsteignton Letters to the Queen 2012978-0-9572800-0-7, Publisher LS Books

Pip978-1-907321-71-9 Publisher EMASUK  – Watch the Youtube video

Blank, English, Romanian, Slovak, Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Latvian, Nepali, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Somali,

Bilingual Primary Resource Book978-1-907321-23-8 (Lithuanian) other languages include; French, Polish, Slovakian, English, Albanian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Czech, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hungarian,Italian,  Latvian, Nepali, Lithuanian,Polish, Russian, Dutch, Romanian, Tamil, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu.

Maths 978-1-907321-31-3 (Chinese Cantonese), Albanian, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, French, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hungarian, Kurdish, Latvian, Nepali, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu.

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