ICT Resource for Migrants – Worldwide

Has anyone seen this resource?

EMASUK – EMASUK.com have a range of resources to support English as an additional language from a resource vault which teachers can download from 24/7, to talking technologies including Talking Tutor, Text Tutor and the award winning Two Can Talk. Their most recent offering is a hand held unit which can be carried around easily and speaks out in a choice of 25 langauges.  See a video here to show their award winning bilingual book called Pip.


They also do bilingual books that support the first days in a new school, Maths and exam preparation. I found it at www.emasuk.com

Welsh Language plans

Currently talks are underway re. the use of Welsh in Wales. They wish to be fully bilingual

Welsh speakers would be able to access fully bilingual public services if new plans outlined for the language are given the go-ahead.

A Welsh Language Measure, which came into force last year, set a duty on public organisations to treat the Welsh language no less favourably than English

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Companies would be wise to seek out EMASUK and their text translator for  their flyers, letters and booklets. just cut and paste to make a bilingual document. Email d.eley@emasuk.com for more information and cost effective prices.