Court denies the right to teach in Russian – Tallinn

Sometimes when you are sat in your own home you forget there are other people going through similar things.  It was interesting to find out that in Estonia the use of Russian is becoming a problem after a court denied the right to use Russian to teach in secondary schools.

Read about it here from The Voice of Russia

Tallinn’s city government will appeal against the ruling of an administrative court that denied the right to use Russian as the language of instruction in high schools.

The Estonian Constitution enables an educational establishment of the national minority to choose the language of instruction unassisted, Tallinn’s vice-mayor Mikhail Kylvart said on July 9th.

Besides, children’s parents have the final say, if such a choice appears.

On July 6th the Tallinn Administrative Court refused to satisfy the request of the local government bodies of Tallinn and Narva for the preservation of education in the Russian language or a bilingual education.