Education support wants the community to share their experiences and support others on their way to discovering good practice.

A good teacher imparts really well but a  great teacher goes that extra mile. They;

1. find an activity that engages the child to want to learn

2. use it to develop or consolidate learning

3. are not concerned that the fact/picture or video may not be used again because their first thought is for the child within their immediate care and ask ‘is that right for the child in my care right now’. Liz Foxwell 

The art of communication is the language of leadership.”   James Humes

“Bilingualism isn’t just a civic duty, or the means to that coveted government job, it is what keeps us connected, and allows us to gain perspective on the ‘other’ culture. Being bilingual enables people to collaborate, communicate and understand each other. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Without embarking on some ill-advised political tangent, suffice it to say that investing in bilingualism is, in my view, the solution to the separatist movement.”

– Fiona, Toronto

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