Auditory Learners – What they are and how to teach them

Auditory (hearing) learners tend to show many of the following characteristics;

  • Likes to read to self out loud.
  • Is not afraid to speak in class.
  • Likes oral reports.
  • Is good at explaining.
  • Remembers names.
  • Notices sound effects in movies.
  • Enjoys music especially when relaxing
  • Is good at grammar and foreign language.
  • Reads slowly.

They also use words in sentences similar to ‘ that sounds right’ or ‘I hear what you are saying’


To keep an auditory learner engaged then the following are ideas to support the list above.

  • Hear a presentation or explanation
  • Encourage them to explain to another pupil (don’t forget some types of  assessment fit into this category)
  • allow them to read aloud to themselves or create a chant
  • make a video of key points to listen to
  • allow them to verbally summarise in their own words
  • allow them to practice e.g. spellings before trying to write it.
  • be aware that they may be using their own internal voice to verbalise what they are learning
  • Allow them to use a speech recognition tool


But be careful how you talk to them because … 

…Auditory learners have a knack for ascertaining the true meaning of someone’s words by listening to audible signals like changes in tone.



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