Changing Perceptions: Breaking Stereotypes


Changing Perceptions: Breaking Stereotypes– This lesson explores what stereotyping is, and encourages students to recognize and break stereotypes. Each students are given a label at random, such as ‘loud’, and they should interact with each other purely on the basis of this label. Their reactions to this activity are then explored in a plenary. 

Timing: Approx 60 minutes

Learning Objectives: Students will

  • Understand the definition of stereotyping.
  • Appreciate what being stereotyped feels like and how emotional it may be.
  • Work on their speaking and listening skills.

Resources: HeadbandStatements


Write the following sentence on the board  “Finished Files Are The Result Of Years Of Scientific Evidence Combined With The Sharing Of Discoveries”. Ask students to count the number of times the letter ‘F’ appears. After the they have given their answers (usually four) point out that the letter F is used six times in this quote. Students will usually miss…

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