Lesson Plan Example 2 – Year 9 Set 2 Creative writing

A SCHOOL                        SCHOOL LOGO


Group Year9/ Set3                                                                  Date __17 May __________



Unit Of Work.  Creative Writing
Teaching Aim.   To develop writing in preparation for GCSE Objective for board:  To respond to the marking in your books, to understand GCSE requirements for higher tier, To begin preparation for Original writing coursework and be aware of the need to write to a certain audience.
Learning Outcomes.  (Differentiate learning outcomes  into All pupils will, Most pupils will and Some pupils will).All pupils will attempt the tasks

Most pupils will develop a style of writing that is appropriate

Some pupils will write accurately and with imagination

Lesson Content.  


Main Activity(ies)
















Read the comments re. My Marking and respond.         Give out books and folders.  Write date, title, C/W and objective.

Students put names on.                                                      10 mins

 Write a review about reading week. 2 paragraphs min   15 mins


Read GCSE Guidance sheets.                                             10 mins

Begin GCSE coursework – Original writing

Think about books previously read in primary school Name them, author and genre.  Why was it good ?   At least 3              10 mins

Begin preparation for Original writing Talk about what they learnt from having an author in school

Who is his audience? What kind of audience does he write for?

Who will you write for?                                                         10 mins



Some of the class will need ideas to start their writing




Extension Work.  Brain bloom ideas for audience


Review GCSE requirements.  Give examples of audiences. 5 mins
  Paper, folders, books, Tony Buzan example of Mind Maps
LSA (How do LSA’s contribute to the learning process). None present
Assessment (What strategies are you using to assess learning). GCSE criteria 
Key words  Audience
Basic Skills.Literacy, numeracy ICT. W 7 Sn2, 5 Wr 5
 Date Due None set  

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