Alternative funding streams

Occasionally as senior managers we need to find alternative funding streams and one such place is the local business community.  Below is a letter that can be used as a starting point to ask for funds.  This letter is around the production of a proms/leavers’ book but anything else can be inserted easily.  The most important thing is to get the students feedback on companies they use and would like to see within their book.  Also if you have a prom committee or head boy/girl these are the things that they could either send out or follow up on their behalf relieving you the senior leader and allowing you to oversee but giving them confidence when dealing outside the school environment.







Dear Sir/Madam or the persons name,

At present, Year 11 students at (put in name of school) are preparing a leavers’/prom book. This book will be distributed to all Year 11 students at the end of this academic year.  The cost of producing such a publication is high and our students are having problems financing it, even though they are prepared to contribute to the cost themselves.

The students would be most grateful if you could consider sponsoring the book or placing an advert within it. The students have specifically targeted you as a business to support them as they themselves know of or use your product/service.

If you are interested in sponsoring or advertising in the book, please complete the tear off strip and return it to (name the person and their job e.g. Liz Foxwell Head Girl, or Liz Foxwell Deputy Head).  Alternatively you can contact her/him via ( put in email) or (add phone number).

We greatly appreciate your support.


Yours faithfully.



Job Description



I am happy to sponsor/advertise in The (school Name) Year 11 Leavers’/prom book.


Company Name and address

Contact name

Contact Number and email



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