Phonics Screening Check ParentsGuide

Some useful information.


What is the Phonics Screening Check?

The phonics screening check was piloted in June 2011 and rolled out nationally in 2012. The check focuses solely on decoding words using a phonetic approach.

Is this a reading test?

No, it is just a check on your child’s ability to decode words using phonics. The governments advisers believe phonics is the best way to teach early reading, many other experts believe that a mixed approach works best. (a previous blog post helps explain this)

What does my child have to do?

The screening check contains 40 words, divided into two sections of 20 words, both sections contain real words a made up words.

Made up words?

The made up words do test a phonetic approach, which is what the test is designed to do. The made up words do come with pictures of an imaginary creature to ensure they get some context…

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