Revision traits to support those on the C/D border

Saw this and tried to reblog but my reader wasn’t working so here it is instead. I thought it was too good to miss. Revision always seems like a mystery and as teachers we never know which advice to give but this does give guidance to start the discussion when the child is on the C/D border what traits can they change to make the grade.


Typical C Grade and Above Candidate

Knows that half the battle with revision is starting

Creates a revision timetable

Uses a variety of revision techniques

Systematically reduces notes to key words

Learns a whole range of material relating to a topic

Uses a variety of approaches to starting revision that are effective

Knows that little and often is the key to effective revision

Listens to soothing background music

Systematically learns material thoroughly

Learns all topics equally well

Treats all topics the same way

Concentrates well

Knows the link between effort and attainment

Uses any opportunity to revise eg unexpected teacher absence

Completes their coursework before it is time to start revising

Revises for all subjects equally

Discusses revision with parents and friends and teachers



Typical Grade D and Below Candidate

Leaves revision until the last minute

Sets aside time for revision but does not use the allocated slot

Constantly rewrites notes in full

Has lots of excuses as to why they cannot revise ‘tonight’

Writes out a model answer on a topic and attempts to learn it by heart

Puts off revision entirely

Revises too much and gets put off

Starts to panic

Thinks that simply reading through material counts as revision

Learns the first topic well

Avoids topics they don’t like

Revises favourite subjects only

Is distracted easily

Uses revision time as a chance to catch up on their course work

Does not discuss revision with anyone

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