card game to improve grammar

looks like a fun way to make sure grammar is correct.

Language Seed

When you’re good but not that good at languages

There’s a horrible mid-point in language learning when you’re pretty good but not actually totally proficient. I have reached that point – and it’s very frustrating and, as you will see, potentially embarrassing.

When you’re a beginner – native speakers can see that you’re trying to speak the language and help you out. When you’re fluent – well of course all is fine anyway. When you’re halfway you are in lingo limbo.

I speak pretty good Italian, I can read pretty well. However, my ability to understand Italians when in full flow, however, is limited. I cannot for instance follow Inspector Montalbano without watching the subtitles.

This led to an embarrassing situation recently in Italy. I was speaking with some confidence to my in-laws about our family day at the swimming pool. I felt they were reasonably impressed with my progress in…

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