Chinese Numbers 1 to 1 trillion

Lets learn numbers in Chinese with 1 and 0 in right up to a trillion thanks to thinking about languages.

One thing that can be confusing is the names of numbers in Chinese. It is not simple to translate one to the other, especially for numbers above one hundred. In English, the name change occurs at the thousand. For example, a million is equivalent to a thousand thousand. In Chinese, the name change is at 萬, which is ten thousand, so the names do not change at the same numbers. 一億 is equivalent to 一萬萬. I do not know if this makes a difference in the perception of numbers. Does 十萬 seem larger or smaller than one hundred thousand? I’m not sure. If I write down the number, I know the two terms are identical.

1 = one = 一

10 = ten = 十

100 = one hundred = 一百

1000 = one thousand = 一千

10000 = ten thousand = 一萬

100000 = one hundred thousand = 十萬

1000000 = one million = 一百萬

10000000 = ten million = 一千萬

100000000 = one hundred million = 一億

1000000000 = one billion = 十億

10000000000 = ten billion = 一百億

100000000000 = one hundred billion = 一千億

1000000000000 = one trillion = 一兆

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