Are colleges getting too big and forgetting their learners?

As I drove past one of our local secondary schools today I could see that the hoarding had been taken down leaving what looked like a huge community rather than a school. I started thinking that in a week or so children aged 11 will be moving from their previous welcoming primary school  to this huge building that feels harsh, scary and over powering.

I began questioning in my mind whether some schools (many now called colleges) are too much about business and profit and if they have forgotten that main priority should be learning and their pupils. Apart from selling these students how lovely to have a new building etc, do they actually think how these young people feel.

What does everyone else think?


2 thoughts on “Are colleges getting too big and forgetting their learners?

  1. Where have all the windows gone in these big, new schools? It seems that many classrooms have become little interior, windowless caves. I having remember low, counter-height to ceiling windows. We needed a pole with a hook to open the highest panels. Nothing better than fresh air and natural light in a classroom!

  2. That is so true, or alternatively they are going all glass which becomes too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer…yet they pay consultants huge sums to come up with these new builds. You would love the school my husband used to work at it was 5 mins walk down a straight road, with 30 children to the beach…thats they way to learn.

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