Anyone for a Taxi?

Language Rich Europe

It’s time for some summertime fun with languages! Below our Communications Manager David Sorrentino has listed a few fun facts about languages and multilingualism.
Which ones did you know already?  Do you know any other interesting facts you’d like to share?

  • The distress code ‘Mayday’ comes from the French for help me, ‘M’Aide’.
  • The United States does not have an official language.
  • ‘Taxi’ is a word that has the same spelling in many languages, including English, German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and more.
  • More people speak English in China than in the United States.
  • For over 600 years England’s official language was French.
  • The name “Canada” originates from an Indian word which means “village”.
  • Europe is home to roughly 225 indigenous languages or around 3% of the world’s total.
  • At least half of all the people on earth can speak two or more languages.
  • The city of London is linguistically…

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