National Curriculum Review – UK

Have you seen the Letter from Micael Gove  re the Curriculum review? He is saying that emphasis will be on English, Maths and Science with Maths expectations of pupils to be higher and knowing number bonds to 20 by year 2 and times tables to 12 by year 4. Added to this will be  more challenging content.

After that to broaden the curriculum  the following subjects will be compulsory: Art and Design, Design and Technology, Geography, History, ICT, Music and PE across all primary years. At KS2 all pupils to learn a foreign language.

Brilliant news about languages and Design Technology two subjects that really set our children up for the world of work. What do you think of this news?

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One thought on “National Curriculum Review – UK

  1. I think it is a step…We gain so much from learning a new languge – there is more to it than utility or practicality. Even if students never use the language, they will have been exposed to another way of communication, expression and thought that they wouldn’t have known had they not studied it. That’s got to be a positive.
    Way back when I was at school in the UK, I studied German from secondary school. I left hardly being able to string a sentence together, but it did at least, encourage an interest in languages and other cultures.

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